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Product Development
To develop products based on lots of field experiences and unique technologies

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To supply best quality products via automatic production line and with thorough quality control.

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Customer service team of technical staff quickly responds to A/S and other service request from customers.

Refrigerated Air Dryer 

Our heat exchanger designed and patented by us for air dryer has an excellent cooling performance due to the specially processed design of Air to Air line so that it can keep a constant dew point even in the hot summer season and have a cooling capacity 30% more than same class products of other companies because such specially processed design for Air To Air line is a core technology for the enhancement of air dryer’s performance.

All-In-One Typed Air Dryer 

It is specifically designed of cooler, dryer, filter on 3 typied. and it can keep a constant dew point even in high temperature situation.

After Cooler

As it has a high coefficient of heat transfer with the excellent tightness of copper pipe and pin and employs lots of heat sink, it has an excellent efficiency of heat transfer and can treat lots of compressed air, leading high temperature compressed air to quickly cool down. In addition, with excellent fan and motor, it can be run smoothly and be maintained easily.

High Performance Air Filter

It can filter solid particles and water completely. Specifically, it has an excellent performance to remove fine molecules and carbonized substances. With Full Thread Bolt type, it can employ simple compatibility and high quality cartridge element.

Desiccant Air Dryer

This Dryer is most fit for the dehumidification of pressurized air by using desiccant. When recycling, it uses part of dry air as recycling source instead of heat source. It can be sure to fast keep a dew point, and can be operated either by unmanned operation mode or by digital operation manipulation. It also employs a reliable diving belt, and is easy to be maintained due to simple structure.