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Oil Injection Screw Type, Direct Driven (5~450 kW)

Oil Injection Screw Type

Belt-Driven Screw Compressor

11~22kW (15~30HP)

Yujin’s small and medium size belt size driven compressor proposes the new world standard

Most latest design of 5x6 profile module air end installed belt driven compressor is designed that gives the highest efficiency in the range of speed lower than 4000 rpm presents quiet and smooth operation at any industrial fields with longer machine life time. All the consumable parts are located in front of body cover so that quick replacement of consumable parts is available, module design air end and valve application enable to reduce oil line and other related parts application as simple as possible in order to cut down maintenance cost. Yujin presents a new presents a new standard line with fresh experience you will never forget

I Product Configuration
I Features
5×6 set profile air end

Exclusively developed 5×6 set profile air end presents quiet operation with high efficiency in the low speed range.

Integrated design of air end with tank

Simplified design of compressor presents decreased number of parts possible cause of machine part failure but also cheaper maintaining cost.

Belt tension control device

Compress and power efficiency loss cause of tension pressure changes is eliminated and belt life time is extended by applying belt tension control device.

Oil leakage prevention design

Reduced pipe components (module type design) and Parker fitting (international fitting manufacturer) are applied in the design to prevent oil leakage in the compressor.

Pre-Inlet filter

Pre-filters in two side covers remove contaminant from inlet air, prolongs the lifetime of air cleaner and makes the unit clean.

EX-Ⅰ MICOM Control system

The cutting-edge EX-I microprocessor-based control is an intelligent control that can perform various functions such as the operational status of the compressor, equipment protection, and maintenance message output through precision pressure controlling and digital input and output controlling.

Air flow analysis

Input air flow definition allows high compress efficiency and minimizednoise level at inlet and fan area and as a result, the compressor can be installed at any place in the production line enable for the customer to feel free from the limited installation area.

Pre-separation construction

Pre-separation construction application of airend with high quality oil separator combination guarantees the clean compressed air less that 3 PPM.

I Flow Diagram
① Air Filter

② Intake Valve 

③ Airend

④ Separator 

⑤ Oil Filter

⑥ Minimum Pressure Valve

⑦ Air Cooler 

⑧ Oil Cooler

I Technical Data (Micos 11~Micos 22)
ArticleUnitMicos 11Micos 15Micos 22
Compression method Oil flooded, 1-stage compression
7 bar㎥/min1.182.553.62
Driven method Belt driven
MAX. 40
MAX. Suction temperature + 15
Cooling method Air cooled
MotorsRated powerkW111522
Input voltageVAC 220 / 380 / 440, 3Phase 
FrequencyHz50 / 60
Pipe connection 20A25A
Control method EX-Ⅰ / Micom controller
Noise level(2)db(A)656667
(L X B X H)
mm890 x 1,025 x 1,355

(1) According to ISO1217 Edition3-1966, Annex-C.
(2) According to ISO2151 Edition1-1972.
(3) High temperature packages upto 55℃ are available