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Oil Injection Screw Type, Direct Driven (5~450 kW)

Oil Injection Screw Type

Low Speed Direct Driven Compressor

37~450kW (50~600HP)

Low speed direct driven compressor becomes a leader in the efficiency race in the world.

Medium and large size oil injection screw compressor over than 50 horse power are the far-reaching range in the major industries and it is very important to select the most economical product not only the cost of compressor itself but also low operating cost as electric consumption etc,. Yujin’s direct driven screw compressor has a large 5x6 profile airend application with reduced R.P.M in order to lower the cost for operation and higher the efficiency in the ranges of 50 600 horse power compressor. MICOS screw air compressor, layout design advanced package technology adapted and high quality part application will no doubt to be the best and outrageous choice.

I Product Configuration
I Features
Large diameter air end

Yujin’s exclusively designed large diameter air end with high efficiency profile application provides silent operation with the best efficiency in low R.P.M range.

5×6 profile air end

High tech screw air end, exclusively developed 5×6 profile produced by full grinding technology serves lowest vibration and noise level with highest efficiency which is the best and the world first class performance.

Direct drive solution

Direct drive coupling minimizes power transfer loss and the more energy saving effect will be guaranteed in case when high efficiency motor is applied.

Advanced package technology application

Package technology of MICOS screw compressor is developed through perfect analysis of advanced technology. From the design of suction refrigerated air to the part selection and layout design, Yujin’s compressor is developed under the application of advanced technology tends to be the best in the world.

MICOS-Ⅳ MICOM Control system 

MICOS-Ⅳ Control with Touch Color LCD having trilingual interface can display a variety of function such as the operational status of the compressor, equipment protection, and maintenance message output through the appropriate icons available on the display screen, so you can operate the machine with ease and convenience.

Low noise and vibration design

Low speed air end with fully grinded rotors can achieve world top grade of noise and vibration perfermance and also guarantees long compressor lifetime.

Optimum design application for Hydraulic line and pneumatic line

Thermostats installed in oil filter housing made possible to minimize the space of hydraulic line and using internationally proven and inspected connection fitting in order to prevent any leakage problems in the circulation line. Vibration proof coupling type outlet line reacts fluently against machine vibration.

Pre-Inlet filter

Pre-filters in two side covers remove contaminant from inlet air, prolongs the lifetime of air cleaner and makes the unit clean.

Easy maintenance and low maintenance cost
  • Package arrangement considered for easy consumable part replacement and maintenance every period.
  • Fully opened front cover, easy open / close design at each side cover application.
  • Fully protected cooler duct has a covers for cleaning at each side so that easy cleaning and safety for operator is guaranteed.
I Flow Diagram
① Air Filter

② Intake Valve 

③ Airend

④ Separation Tank 

⑤ Thermostat & Oil Filter Housing

⑥ Minimum Pressure Valve

⑦ Oil Cooler

⑧ Air Cooler

I The special features of MICOS compressor

Electric display panel

Electric display panel and touch type control panel prevents operator's eyes stress, operation faults or any input errors but also it is very easy to control that anyone can handle it easily thanks to modern and easy design

Full grinding type high efficiency air end

Solely developed and manufactured Yujin’s own air end guarantees it’s durability as well as high efficiency thanks to strict production and quality standard control.

Energy saving motor

Water, vibration proof, isolation and heat conservation motor has such an optimized efficiency to save energy consumption

Module type oil filter housing

Thermostats installed in oil filter housing prevents oil leakage thanks to the simplified piping arrangement.

I Technical Data (Micos 37~150)
ArticleUnitMicos 37Micos 55Micos 75Micos 110Micos 150
Compression method-Oil flooded, 
1-stage compression
7 bar㎥/min6.6710.313.7321.228.53
Driven method-Direct coupled 
& Variable speed drive
MAX. 40
MAX. Suction temperature + 15
Cooling method-Air Cooled 
/ Water cooled
MotorsRated powerkW375575110150
Input voltageVAC 220 / 380 / 440,
FrequencyHz50 / 60
Starting method-Y-△Y-△ / REACTOR 
Pipe connection-32A50A65A
Control method-Micos-Ⅳ Micom controller
Noise level(2)db(A)6870717376
(L X B X H)

(1) According to ISO1217 Edition3-1966, Annex-C.
(2) According to ISO2151 Edition1-1972.
(3) High temperature packages up to 55℃ are available

Acquire Certificate of Reliability! 

The reliability and quality control ability are proven by achieving Certificate of Reliability from Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy.

I Technical Data (Micos 190~Micos 450)
ArticleUnitMicos 190Micos 225Micos 260Micos 300Micos 375Micos 450
Compression method-Oil flooded, 
1-stage compression
Capacity7 bar㎥/min3540.645.855.373.178.6
Driven method-Direct coupled drive
MAX. 40
Outlet TemperatureMAX. Suction temperature + 15
Cooling method-Air Cooled 
/ Water cooled
Water cooled
MotorsRated powerkW190225260300370445
Input voltageVAC 380 / 440, 3Phase 
(AC 3.3/6.6kV : Option)
FrequencyHz50 / 60
Starting method-Y-△ / REACTOR 
Pipe connection-80A100A125A
Control method-Micos-Ⅳ Micom controller
Noise level(2)db(A)787981838585
(L X B X H)

(1) According to ISO1217 Edition3-1966, Annex-C.
(2) According to ISO2151 Edition1-1972.
(3) High temperature packages up to 55℃ are available