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Oil Injection Screw Type, Direct Driven (5~450 kW)

Oil Injection Screw Type

Mid-sized Direc Driven Screw Compressor

15~22kW (20~30HP)

Yujin’s mid-sized direc driven screw compressor promises the minimum operation cost

The first direct drive compressor to be developed in Korea, Micos 15D/22D utilizes motor and air end drive in 1:1 ratio instead of a speed gear. This method prevents loss of power(occurring during transmission in belt drive) and minimizes maintenance cost to reduce overall operational cost by 15%.

I Product Configuration
I Features
5×6 set profile air end

Module type air end, equipped with Yujin's exclusive latest 5x6 profile screw air end offers silent operation and maximum efficiency at low operation speed.

Air end and monolithic tank design

Air end and monolithic tank design simplifies the compressor structure to minimize components with potential malfunction, which enables affordable maintenance expense.

Oil leakage prevention design

Reduced pipe components (module type design) and Parker fitting (international fitting manufacturer) are applied in the design to prevent oil leakage in the compressor.

1 : 1 direct coupled drive

The 1:1 drive method connects motor with permanent coupling to prevent loss of power that occurs during belt drive transmission slip. It effectively produces large volume of compressed air with low energy consumption.

Pre-Inlet filter

Pre-filters in two side covers remove contaminant from inlet air, prolongs the lifetime of air cleaner and makes the unit clean.

MICOS-Ⅳ MICOM Control system

MICOS-Ⅳ Control with Touch Color LCD having trilingual interface can display a variety of function such as the operational status of the compressor, equipment protection, and maintenance message output through the appropriate icons available on the display screen, so you can operate the machine with ease and convenience.

Easy maintenance and low maintenance cost
  • Filter component layout in consideration of regular parts replacement and inspection
  • Open facet and covered sides and rear
  • Completely enclosed cooler duct has a side cleaning cover for customers' safety and easy cleaning
Pre-separation construction

Pre-separation construction application at air end with high quality element type separator guarantees the most clean compressed air production less than 3 PPM.

I Flow Diagram
① Air Filter

② Intake Valve 

③ Airend

④ Separator 

⑤ Oil Filter

⑥ Minimum Pressure Valve

⑦ Air Cooler 

⑧ Oil Cooler

I Technical Data (Micos 15D~Micos 22D)
ArticleUnitMicos 15DMicos 22D
Compression method-Oil flooded, 1-stage compression
7 bar㎥/min2.633.9
Driven method-Direct driven
MAX. 40
Outlet TemperatureMAX. Suction temperature + 15
Cooling method-Air cooled
MotorsRated powerkW1522
Input voltageVAC 220 / 380 / 440, 3Phase
FrequencyHz50 / 60
Starting method-DirectY-△
Pipe connection-20A25A
Control method-Micos-Ⅳ Micom controller
Noise level(2)dB(A)6566
(L X B X H)

(1) According to ISO1217 Edition3-1966, Annex-C.
(2) According to ISO2151 Edition1-1972.
(3) High temperature packages up to 55℃ are available