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Oil Injection Screw Type, Direct Driven (5~450 kW)

Oil Injection Screw Type


Belt-Driven Screw Compressor

11~22kW (15~30HP)

Yujin’s small and medium size belt size driven compressor proposes the new world standard

Most latest design of 5x6 profile module air end installed belt driven compressor is designed that gives the highest efficiency in the range of speed lower than 4000 rpm presents quiet and smooth operation at any industrial fields with longer machine life time. All the consumable parts are located in front of body cover so that quick replacement of consumable parts is available, module design air end and valve application enable to reduce oil line and other related parts application as simple as possible in order to cut down maintenance cost. Yujin presents a new presents a new standard line with fresh experience you will never forget

Mid-sized Direc Driven Screw Compressor

15~22kW (20~30HP)

Yujin’s mid-sized direc driven screw compressor promises the minimum operation cost

The first direct drive compressor to be developed in Korea, Micos 15D/22D utilizes motor and air end drive in 1:1 ratio instead of a speed gear. This method prevents loss of power(occurring during transmission in belt drive) and minimizes maintenance cost to reduce overall operational cost by 15%.

Low Speed Direct Driven Compressor

37~450kW (50~600HP)

Low speed direct driven compressor becomes a leader in the efficiency race in the world.

Medium and large size oil injection screw compressor over than 50 horse power are the far-reaching range in the major industries and it is very important to select the most economical product not only the cost of compressor itself but also low operating cost as electric consumption etc,. Yujin’s direct driven screw compressor has a large 5x6 profile airend application with reduced R.P.M in order to lower the cost for operation and higher the efficiency in the ranges of 50 600 horse power compressor. MICOS screw air compressor, layout design advanced package technology adapted and high quality part application will no doubt to be the best and outrageous choice.