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Energy Saving 30%↑

Energy Saving (Variable Speed Drive )Type 
Oil Injection & Oil Free Screw
Air compressor & Facilities
Maintenance and Repair (Professional Service)

Used as facility for producing compressed air 
and power energy for equipment operation

Noise and vibration are major causes of machine lifetime reduction. So Yujin’s newly developed units are inspected through vibration test for catching resonance characteristics and modifying machine design to improve noise and vibration performance

All major parts as screw rotors and other high precision parts are precisely measured by 3-D CMM via specially arranged control program in order to produce highly efficient compressor.

Screw air end defines machine performance. All air ends are inspected under controlled according to international quality control standard and only approved part can be conveyed out for production.

Export airend to Japan
Export airend to Japan

Exclusively developed air end for railway vehicles exports to Japanese National Railway and also southeast Asian countries so these proves Yujin’s premium quality.

Yujin’s new released screw profile was born by means of continuous study and development with perfect analysis of modern technology trends focused on improving the efficiency of airend. These new profile air ends are designed to run properly even under the circumstance most critical environment condition so that the best performance with durability can be reached in any industries